A new Armer Salmon beet harvester (pictured above) has been delivered to Co. Cork. According to Cross Agricultural Engineering, it’s the first new Armer Salmon harvester sold in Ireland since the demise of the sugar industry.

The machine is a twin-row Beaver HD-Super. Albeit with some updates and modifications, it will nonetheless appear familiar to users of similar machines…from many moons ago.

The beet world

Cross Agricultural Engineering is well-known in beet circles; it has played host to live working demos of beet equipment at previous open days.

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At last year’s event, for example, an Agrifac WKM 9000 self-propelled harvester was one of the star attractions. It’s a capacious, six-row machine.

Video source: www.wanderson.ie

Powering the rig is a Deutz 11.9L, V6 BF6 M1015 engine; maximum output (for a standard-build machine) is 300hp.

Eye-catching deliveries

Apart from the twin-row Beaver, Cross Agricultural Engineering, which is based in Rathangan, Co. Kildare, has delivered several other eye-catching machines recently – not least this tandem-axle slurry tanker (pictured below).

This fully-suspended machine runs on commercial-spec axles (incorporating rear-axle steering) and is galvanised all over. It’s also notable for its 7.5m Bomech dribble bar.

Also noteworthy is this water bowser (pictured below). It’s now working on the M7 road-widening project.

Interestingly, you might have stumbled across this machine at last month’s National Ploughing Championships just outside Tullamore, Co. Offaly. That’s where this picture was actually taken.