This past week has seen prices at marts lift substantially, particularly for finished and store lambs.

Speaking to mart managers throughout the week, some have called prices to be stronger by as much as €10/head for finished lambs.

With factory prices rising the past few weeks, the trade at marts has steadily been improving for those finished lamb types.

49kg plus lambs have seen prices rise over €150/head this week and reach as high as €157/head for well-fleshed lots.

The general run of prices for those well-fleshed 49kg plus lambs have been ranging from €136/head up to €150/head, with some exceptionally fleshed lambs rising above this level as mentioned.

Then, lambs in the 44-48kg weight bracket, have been trading from €125/head up to €136-138/head.

The store lamb trade at some marts this week has improved by as much as €5-7/head. Forward stores have been moving at prices of between €105/head up to €125/head, for 38-43kg lambs.

Long-keep stores have been selling from lows of €70/head up to highs of €100-105/head.

Despite factory demand for fleshed ewes improving, the trade at marts has failed to push on.

Mart managers continue to note a similar trade for fleshed ewes, with the general run of prices ranging from €125/head up to €155/head, with prices occasionally reaching as high as €170-180/head for ewes weighing 100kg plus.

The trade for hoggets continues to edge back ever so slightly week-on-week, as do numbers on offer.

Top prices for good-quality hoggets have been reaching as high as €190-205/head, with the majority selling from €130/head up to €190/head.