‘Fianna Fail’s rural manifesto stands for action, unlike Fine Gael’s fluff’

The Fianna Fail spokesman on Agriculture Eamon O Cuiv has said that his party’s rural manifesto is ‘all about action’ and should be adopted regardless of who is next in power.

Criticising Fine Gael’s plans for rural Ireland, which he called “fluff” O Cuiv said even if Fine Gael is returned to power it should use the Fianna Fail plan for rural Ireland.

“If Fine Gael is returned to power I hope they use this policy not their own, which is fluff.” O Cuiv said voters should realise that the Fianna Fail manifesto is a real action action plan which will get things done on the ground, while the Fine Gael manifesto is a plan to make plans.

Farm Assist

Under the Fianna Fail policy, it is proposing that to restore the farm assist means testing rules. “Fianna Fail is committed to restoring farm assist means testing rules to the level that applied before the present Government came to power as our first step.”

O Cuiv said irrespective of the source of farm income the first €3,000 will be disregarded and the balance will be means tested at 50%. “This measure will encourage more enterprise and increased production from small farmers.

“If money you earn on the farm is taken off you by social welfare there is no incentive to improve yourself.”

Launching the Fianna Fail manifesto on rural Ireland with O Cuiv, Bobby Aylward said off-farm income is very important to smaller farmers and a lot of part-time farmers.