Fianna Fáil promises strategy for anaerobic digestion

A national strategy for anaerobic digestion has been included as part of Fianna Fáil’s proposals for the agricultural sector in the run-up to General Election 2020.

The party’s election promises for the agricultural sector were launched by Fianna Fáil’s spokesperson on agriculture, food and the marine, Charlie McConalogue, and spokesperson on food and horticulture Jackie Cahill at an event in Dublin today, Tuesday, January 28.

In its election manifesto, the party outlines plans to “draw up a national strategy for anaerobic digestion and the agricultural sector”.

The document acknowledges that anaerobic digestion “offers a process to turn farm waste into valuable biogas”.

Continuing, the manifesto outlines: “The bio-economy must be expanded nationwide to create rural jobs and reduce GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.”

It explains that the strategy intends to “exploit the full potential of biogas production and the bio-economy in rural Ireland as a key economic stimulant in rural areas”.

Speaking at today’s event, deputy Cahill said: “This Government has sat on its hands for the last nine years in putting incentives in place for farmers to meet the challenges of climate change.

In my view, climate change can be an economic opportunity for rural Ireland.

Concluding, Cahill said: “This Government has done nothing to progress farmers on that road.”