Farmers and landowners have been urged by Meath County Council to ensure that their property is secure to help prevent illegal dumping, which has been an ongoing issue in the “Royal County”.

Taking to social media last week, the local authority noted recent feedback from members of the public regarding illegal dumping on fields and private property.

It was stressed that Meath County Council “is continuously working to prevent illegal dumping”, adding:

To help us in doing so, we ask farmers and land owners to ensure that their property is secure and where possible that gates are installed and locked to try and prevent easy access to lands, to make it more difficult for these individuals to dump.

“We are passionate about the fight against illegal dumping and our team is doing all that they can to catch those responsible,” the local authority said.

“Legally, landowners are responsible for waste that arises on their lands – but we will continue to assist landowners who find themselves in this predicament, and can be contacted at: [email protected],” the council concluded.

The issue of illegal dumping on rural property has been an ongoing issue across the country, with examples highlighted in Galway, RoscommonWexford and Meath previously.