Farmers! Have you ever wanted be the CEO of a company? Well, now’s your chance.

‘Farmers in Charge’ is a new show for RTE One from Endemol (the makers of shows ‘Deal or No Deal’ and ‘Big Brother’) and Waka TV (producers of ‘Six in the City’ and ‘The Verminators’).

The show says to forget about the sharp-suited city-slickers – that everyone knows farmers are the top business men and women in Ireland, and that this new show wants you to help prove it’s true.

So while traditionally, it says we tend to think the corporate world is far removed from a farmer’s world, it’s not really the case.

Every successful farmer is a high functioning CEO of his/her very own multi-faceted corporation, it says.

From production planning to HR, materials management to marketing, distribution and sales… farmers do it all in an all-consuming 24-hour business.

In the show, each week, a farmer will take the helm of an iconic Irish business to bring their no nonsense skill-set to reappraise and invigorate the business, it says.

Their fresh unclouded thinking could really help a business, it says.

So if you’re a farmer, up for a fresh fun challenge and would like more information the shows creators want to hear from you.

To find out more about the time committment and other aspects of the show you can contact Robert on 01-6343700 or drop him an email at [email protected]

Farmers in Charge: When a farmer takes over the business, everything’s destined to grow.