John Deere was the second most popular search term on Dondeal last year, a report by the website says.

There was some 792,020 searches for John Deere in 2014 on the classifieds website.

BMW was the most searched for term on Dondeal in 2014 with 2,244,638 searches on the website.

Searches for iPhone (475,962), sofa (421,808) and bike (154,309) made up the remainder of the top five searches in 2014, it found.

The findings were published in a report ‘Second Hand Ireland’ by economist David McWilliams, which found there has been an explosion of activity in the second hand market in Ireland in the last four years.

Some 48% of all of the website’s activity was in Donedeal’s largest section which is the motor section.

Farming accounted for 5% of the website’s activity and last year the highest number of popular farming ads came from Donegal, Cork and Galway, it found.

Of the total volume of ads placed last year on Donedeal, some 92,353 of those ads were for farming, making farming ads the sixth most popular type of ad, the report says.

Motor was the most popular type of ad placed on the website with some 837,278 ads placed on the website in 2014, it says.

Farming had the second highest average price per section with the average price in the farming section in 2014 being €650. Farming followed motor, with the average price in the section being €1,607, the report found.

‘Second Hand Ireland’ found that the average price of items traded on Donedeal has dropped 45% from €288 in January 2010 to its current €158.

New post-recession Ireland, is a second hand Ireland where value trumps bravado, caution beats carelessness and bargain beats brash, McWilliams said.

“We’ve done the boom, debt, bust thing and don’t want to go back there again. Today, it’s all about price, value and living well within our means,” he said.