Did you have a toy tractor as a child? Was it motorised or pedal-powered?

Whether it was loading grass, dumping grass or moving stones was there still some lifting to be done on your behalf?

One man in the Czech Republic has made a mini-motorised John Deere for his son, Matthew.

In the video Matthew is shown picking up grass with the bucket of the John Deere, reversing and then dumping the grass into a John Deere trailer.

“Loading of grass, or how to save work in the garden. Nothing beats a quality machine brand John Deere, which is controlled by son Matthew,” Jaroslav Voldrich says.

The video has over 5m hits on YouTube and Voldrich receives much attention in the comments section as well as offers to buy his mini-tractor.

However, he says that the tractor isn’t for sale as he made it himself for his son and that it is original.

Voldrich’s son Matthew is shown operating the machine in the video and the family dog even looks interested in the loading and dumping of grass.

Voldrich didn’t stop there with the video of Matthew loading and dumping grass. He has also uploaded a video of the mini-tractor being driven by his son and his other son relaxing in the trailer.

Voldrich says that the ride-on is not only used for work but also for rest. The children are shown driving around a garden, one driving and the other sitting leisurely with a cushion in the back.

One of these would have been handy back in the Nineties, it puts the pedal-powered John Deere’s to shame!

Video credit: YouTube user jarinvold.