Farmer views: Are farm organisations making a difference?

There are many farm organisations in Ireland. These unions represent all types of farmers and represent their voice both at home and in the EU.

However, farm organisations – in particularly the IFA – have come in for some criticism in recent times.

There are calls for some reform and for farm organisations to do more for farmers on the ground.

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Farmers have gone through a tough year and some farmers – especially those involved in the beef and suckler game – are really feeling the pressure.

Farmers behind a new beef splinter group say the faction formed in light of farm unions “failing to establish a tenable plan” for the beef sector.

The core members of the recently-formed body – called the ‘Beef Plan Group‘ – have been involved in a producer and purchaser group together for the last three years.

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However, AgriLand got out and about and asked the farmers what they think and would they like to see more being done at farm level. We also asked these farmers: Are these organisations in the position to make a difference?

The response varied. Some farmers were of the opinion that these lobby groups are of no benefit to farmers, while others supported these unions and praised their work.

‘Why would I be a member?’

One farmer clearly stated that these organisations do nothing for farmers, outlining “the state of the price of beef; we need someone that is going to do something for us”.

Another farmer agreed: “The IFA were stronger years ago when they blocked the roads to Dublin. Today, they are weak.”

After what can only be described as a terrible year for farmers in Ireland weather wise, farmers are understandably frustrated.

One farmer stated: “I don’t know if any organisation is helping farmers at the present time; it doesn’t benefit my enterprise a whole pile.”

‘Anyone that speaks up is a help’

On the other hand, some farmers outlined that these organisations are a benefit for farmers and that “anyone who speaks up is a help”.

One farmer explained: “I’m a member of the IFA and they are a benefit for farmers. I’m with them for the last 20 years and they are in a position to make a difference; they would be listened to and they have clout. It’s definitely no harm being with them anyway.”

Another beef farmer added: “I would recommend people to get involved. I hope they’re in a position to make a difference, but we will find out in the budget.”