Farmer supports in rooftop energy generation for export to grid ‘critical’

The new government must deliver on climate action targets by immediately prioritising renewable energy generation supports, according to the Micro Renewable Energy Federation (MREF).

Welcoming the move by Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party to form a new government over the weekend, MREF chairman Pat Smith said that he hoped that the ambitious, climate action Programme for Government agreed among the parties of government would be “the bond that ensured a stable Government for the country for the next five years”.

He said central to stability of the next government must be delivery on the climate action targets set out in the programme and he called on the new Government to immediately prioritise supports for micro-generation of renewable power.

Households, businesses and farmers can all play a necessary and important role in decarbonising Ireland by investing in roof-top solar PV for electricity generation and by electrifying heating and transport networks.

“While policies are currently directed towards supporting self-consumption of renewable power, it is critical that the farming and business communities are supported and encouraged to use the thousands of acres of roof space available to generate renewable power for export to the grid.”

Continuing, the chairman stressed:

“There is no better way to socialise and gain acceptance for the widespread adoption of renewables and demonstrate the commitment of the new government to climate action across Irish society than by supporting and prioritising micro-generation.

Homes and businesses must also be given attractive financial supports to install electric vehicle [EV] charging stations as it is forecast that 80% of EV charging will happen either in the home or at work premises in the future.

Smith said the micro-renewable energy sector wishes the new government well in facing the daunting challenges that lie ahead – and not least in meeting its commitment to a new Green Deal for Ireland.