DeLaval is set once more to have a strong presence at this year’s National Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

So far in 2018 the Swedish dairy machinery giant has launched four new products into the Irish market.

These include: the new voluntary milking system VMS V300; a new farm management mobile app DelPro Companion; the OptiDuo feed “refresher”; and the brand-new E100 Rotary system.

DeLaval VMS V300

The VMS V300 makes farmers “less reliant on future labour market uncertainties”, according to DeLaval.

The company claims the system has up to a 99% hit rate for individual pre and post spray, ICAR-approved (International Committee for Animal Recording) quarter milking and a 10% higher capacity from the previous model.

The V300 apparently features lower running costs, up to 99.8% attachment rate, up to 50% faster attachment time and the potential to bring in over 3,500kg of milk per day.

The VMS V300 system comes with DeLaval InControl, the new user interface allowing access to information and control of the system remotely.

DeLaval PureFlow, the new transparent teat preparation cup, is another new feature coming with the VMS V300.

DeLaval OptiDuo

The OptiDuo is described by DeLaval as a “feed refresher”, remixing feed and repositioning the feed closer to the barrier.

Using a twin-spiralled rotating auger designed to avoid compacting feed, the device fills any gaps in feed, keeping roughage intact to make feed “much more appetising and reducing stress for less dominant animals” at feed, the firm says.

DeLaval DelPro Companion

DelPro Companion is developed to support farmers’ working routines to record all events as they happen throughout the day, DeLaval says.

DelPro Companion automatically synchronises recent events between farmers’ mobile devices and the DelPro Farm Manager farm server.

DeLaval E100

The new DeLaval E100 rotary is focused around the four customer challenges: animal welfare; milk quality; farm profitability; and work efficiency.

The new E100 rotary has zoned in on the “key areas of performance”, incorporating the company’s Cockpit, Fastlane, Comfort Bail and Topflow features.

All of the above DeLaval products will be displayed for the first time in Ireland at the National Ploughing Championships, the company has assured.