Fancy winning a farm in a raffle?

Fancy being in with a chance of winning a 7.5ha (18.6ac) farm worth £1.3 million (€1.45 million)?

By buying a £50 (€56) raffle ticket, you could do just that.

An English farmer in the UK is attempting to raffle off his holding, provided ticket sales reach the desired quota. The name of the property in question, Barns Farm, is situated near the town of Saltburn, in North Yorkshire.

A target of 28,000 tickets has been set by the farmer for the raffle. After the submission deadline closes in March 2018, or earlier if all the tickets are sold before this, three winners will be selected.

According to the raffle website, the first prize of the farm will include: a three-bedroom stone farmhouse; eight stables; a six-car garage; a barn; a workshop; a tack room; and a feed room – along with the accompanying 7.5ha of land.

There will also be a second and third prize, consisting of a 65in and a 55in Samsung Curved 4K Ultra HD LED TV respectively.

Image source: Win Barns Farm

Barns Farm will be available for the new owner to move in 6 weeks after the winning number is drawn, according to the organisers.

The winning “purchaser” will incur no expenses in completing the transaction, according to the raffle website, with all fees including stamp duty and solicitors’ fees looked after.

The winning numbers will be drawn by an online random number generator, while the winning ticket holders will be informed by email.

The raffle website is holding a ‘buy 20, get one free’ offer for those really determined to improve their odds.

In a nice gesture, donations of £5,000 will be made both to the Children With Cancer and Saltburn Animal Rescue charities from the ‘sale’.

Tickets went on sale as of October 10; To submit a valid entry, a question about the farm’s location must be answered. Full details, including information about the farm’s surroundings, are available on the website for those interested in entering.

Image source: Win Barns Farm