Exporters were in action at this week’s calf sale in Enniscorthy Mart

Exporters were in action seeking Friesian bull calves this week at Enniscorthy Mart, according to the assistant mart manager, Kevin Murphy.

There was an increase in numbers at the sale held on Wednesday (February 3), with over 400 calves up for grabs. Speaking with AgriLand after the sale, Kevin stated:

“The prices held quite well, with all strong and quality calves holding their own. Although it was a tougher trade for some of the light, soft Friesians due to the rise in numbers.

Continental calves were in strong demand from farmers and agents. Bulls sold anywhere from €255/head for young calves – up to €435/head for a top-quality Belgian Blue bull.

“Continental heifers were making from €225/head reaching up to €415/head on the day.”

Sample continental calf prices:

  • One Belgian Blue bull sold for €435;
  • One Simmental bull sold for €335;
  • Two Limousin bulls sold for €360/head;
  • One Saler bull sold for €280;
  • Two Simmental bulls sold for €310/head;
  • One Belgian Blue heifer sold for €415;
  • One Belgian Blue heifer sold for €385;
  • Two Limousin heifers sold for €340/head;
  • Two Limousin heifers €275/head;
  • Two Simmental heifers €235/head.

There was a large number of Friesian bull calves entered into Wednesday’s sale. The softer type and younger Friesians sold from €40/head up to €80/head.

According to Kevin: “Exporters bought a large number of the softer Friesians. The quality Friesian bulls ranged from €100/head up to €235/head – largely being bought by farmers.”

Sample Friesian calf prices:

  • One Friesian bull sold for €160;
  • Two Friesian bulls sold for €105/head;
  • Three Friesian bulls sold for €110/head;
  • Four Friesian bulls sold for €80/head;
  • Three Friesian bulls sold for €50/head.

Looking at the Hereford and Angus calves, these ranged from €210/head up to €360/head for the bulls. Meanwhile, heifers ranged from €180/head up to €335/head for a quality Hereford.

Sample Hereford and Angus calf prices:

  • One Angus bull sold for €345;
  • Two Hereford bulls sold for €225/head;
  • One Hereford heifer sold for €335;
  • One Angus heifer sold for €320;
  • Two Hereford heifers sold for €250;
  • Two Angus heifers sold for €205.