Exploiting the full potential of Irish grass-fed beef

The third and final live interactive Teagasc Virtual Beef Conference webinar takes place tonight at 8:00pm, with this evening’s discussion examining how Ireland Inc. can exploit the full potential of the huge amount of grass-fed beef that we produce.

Session three this evening will be chaired by the Teagasc Director, Professor Gerry Boyle, and the panellists are Dr. Edward O’Riordan and Dr. Aidan Moloney from Teagasc Grange and Padraig Brennan from Bord Bia.

Register today at: www.teagasc.ie/beefcon20 and join online this evening at 8:00pm from any device for what promises to be a very informative and topical discussion with a panel of industry experts.

After the panel show their presentations there will be an opportunity for all those registered for the event to have their questions on this topic answered from the comfort of their own home.

This evening’s talks

Beef production from grass-forage only diets

Across the world Ireland has a reputation for producing beef that is predominately produced from diets that are grass or grass-forage based with only small amounts of concentrates fed for relatively short periods in the lifetime of the animal.

Beef grassland scientist with Teagasc, Dr. Edward O’Riordan, will examine the opportunities there are to further enhance the role of grass-forage only diets and he will show the results from recent trial work in Teagasc Grange that looked at removing concentrates entirely from the animals’ diet.

This very interesting research focused on suckler steers taken through to slaughter at varying ages from 20 months to 29 months with zero concentrates being fed. Meat research scientist Dr. Aidan Moloney will also be on hand to discuss the carcass attributes of grass-fed animals.

Positioning Irish Grass Fed Beef in the Marketplace

Meat, food and beverages Director with Bord Bia, Padraig Brennan, will give the second short presentation of the evening.

He will outline how research conducted with 13,000 consumers has established that a significant market demand exists for grass-fed beef with the term being associated with premium, natural, healthy and higher levels of animal welfare.

Consumers strongly associate Ireland with grass-fed production and, in many ways, of all the strengths that our beef system possesses, grass fed is the one that resonates most.

Recognising this opportunity, Bord Bia, in consultation with key stakeholders, developed an independently verified Grass Fed Standard for Irish beef. The standard utilises data collected during the Bord Bia SBLAS audit, so there is no additional work for farmers.

Qualifying animals must have a lifetime diet of at least 90% grass and grass forage on a fresh weight basis. Padraig will outline how Bord Bia has recently launched the grass-fed standard in some of our key markets with a view to using it to position Irish beef as premium with key retail and foodservice customers.

Register today

The panel discussions that took place on the first two sessions of the Beef Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday evening were very informative and thought-provoking with a huge amount of questions answered by the speakers each evening.

Tonight’s panel discussion will be of significance to anyone who has an interest in the future direction of our beef industry and it is an opportunity for the public to have their questions on this important topic answered. If you haven’t registered yet please do so at: www.teagasc.ie/beefcon20.