You could be earning at least 1c/L more by improving mastitis control in your herd, according to Animal Health Ireland (AHI).

It it running a series of farmer workshops to help farmers to understand the causes of mastitis and highlight how making simple changes in their everyday milking routines can improve and maintain lower SCC levels in their herd.

Focusing on practical mastitis control steps, the workshops are delivered by CellCheck-trained service provider teams consisting of a farm advisor, a vet, a milking machine technician and a co-op milk quality advisor. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that all relevant areas of mastitis control are covered.

Each workshop is 2.5 hours in duration; it is a farm-based workshop with a mixture of interactive, classroom style learning, practical workstations and group discussion. Group sizes are small to allow plenty of discussion and questions.

The workshops are being coordinated by the team of seven CellCheck Regional Coordinators across the country and cost €30 per farmer. The CellCheck Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control is available on the day for €15.

To participate in a CellCheck Farmer Workshop, contact your Teagasc advisor, vet or milking machine technician. Alternatively, contact the regional coordinator for your area for details of the regular CellCheck Farmer Workshops or to get them to organise one for your discussion group.