RTE’s long running rural affairs series returns this November (Thursday 6) with its eclectic mix of food, farming and fun.

Presenters Darragh McCullough, Helen Carroll and Ella McSweeney explore all corners of the country, debating topical issues and meeting the people involved in Irelands biggest industry.

We will be exploring contentious issues within the rural community, as well as looking at what’s new and innovative in farming today.

In episode one Darragh McCullough explores exotic wallaby being farmed on Lambay Island, two miles of County Dublin’s coast. He follows the food journey all of 10 miles to l’Ecrivain restaurant where michelin star chef Derry Clarke serves him a wallaby steak.

Mushrooms can kill but also heal you. Ella travels to the Galtee mountains where she meets two scientists who have successfully built a business around cultivating mushrooms.

Helen speaks to a farmer’s wife in County Cavan, left behind after her husband has taken his own life. In this sad yet inspirational story we also visit the first GAA club to implement a Mental Health Strategy.

This season sees a renewed focus on food. We continue with our Food Journey looking at where our food comes from, with eye opening, thought provoking and sometimes shocking results.

Where there’s a controversy Ear to the Ground will not be far away, and there’s plenty to provoke debate. It’s not all serious though, as the team get to try out some of the more enjoyable aspects of country life and meet some colourful characters along the way.