€40 million boost: New items added to TAMS

After a series of heated discussions – involving senior members of the Department of Agriculture, farm organisations and representatives from the Department of Finance – AgriLand has learned that a suite of new measures is to be introduced under the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS).

AgriLand can exclusively reveal that the budget for TAMS will increase by a staggering €40 million, thus giving farmers access to a whole plethora of new items.

In the coming days, the department is set to undertake a major recruitment drive to ensure that the necessary inspectors are available to see that the updated scheme goes off without a hitch.

Some of the key measures to be included are understood to revolve around grassland management and labour-reducing technologies.

An option that is set be popular is the new grazing measure, which entails the availability of funding for flipper and snorkel sets for cows.

Funding is also expected to be offered for motorised sprongs, anti-gravity wheelbarrows and self-walking wellington boots.

However, two items that fell down at the last hurdle were rain-powered tractors and rubber mats for slats. A well-known rural TD is said to be distraught at the exclusion of the latter item.

In separate news, a hurried meeting was organised by Teagasc staff of Friday last (March 30). AgriLand understands that the meeting revolved around potential projects for the year ahead.

A source, who attended the meeting in Oak Park, noted that all of the livestock divisions in Teagasc are currently examining opportunities to stop cows calving and ewes lambing on Good Friday.

Although this has yet to be confirmed, AgriLand understands that the research will be conducted in order to allow farmers to make better use of the revised pub opening hours.

More to follow…