A €20/t bonus will now be available to Glanbia Co-op members on beef and sheep feed purchases from Glanbia Ireland.

This is set to include a €10/t bonus payable by Glanbia Co-op to its members.

Non-members of Glanbia Co-op who purchase GAIN beef and sheep feeds from Glanbia Ireland will be entitled to a bonus of €10/t on all beef and sheep feeds purchased.

The beef and sheep feed bonus will be available from today, September 18, until January 27, 2018.

Prior to this, members of Glanbia Co-op who purchased feed between January 1 and September 17 qualified for a €7/t bonus.

The Glanbia Co-op feed bonus covers the entire Glanbia feed range, including dairy, beef, sheep, equine and pig feeds. Purchases of straights for feeding are also included in this bonus.

However, straights purchased for onward trading do not qualify for the co-op bonus. Glanbia’s bonus on fertiliser remains at €7/t on all 2017 purchases by co-op members.

The beef and sheep feed bonus launched today by Glanbia Co-op is in addition to the Autumn Dairy Feed Loyalty Bonus announced on August 15 for all Glanbia Ireland milk suppliers.

As part of the Autumn Dairy Feed Loyalty Bonus, Glanbia Ireland will pay a loyalty bonus to milk suppliers of €14/t on dairy coarse and compound feed (excluding straights) purchased from Glanbia Ireland for the rest of this year.

Meanwhile, suppliers who are also Glanbia Co-op shareholders qualify for a further bonus of €10/t – bringing the total loyalty bonus to €24/t, with effect from today.

This is an increase from the €21/t (€14/t plus €7/t) previously announced, according to Glanbia.

In mid-August, Glanbia Ireland launched the 5-year Glanbia Milk and Feed Loyalty Scheme – which runs from 2018 to 2022.

A fixed milk price of 31c/L including VAT at standard constituents of 3.6% butterfat and 3.3% protein were on offer as part of the scheme.

Scheme participants can also avail of an optional dairy feed component, with a €30/t loyalty reward payable to scheme participants on all purchases of concentrate dairy feeds from the GAIN animal nutrition range.

But farmers only have one month left to apply to the scheme, with the closing date for receipt of applications scheduled for October 18.