Investigations are ongoing by Revenue following the seizure of drugs labelled as “beef jerky” among other false declarations earlier this week.

Revenue officers at Athlone Mail Centre seized 620 Zopiclone tablets and 5.7kg of various types of illegal drugs including herbal cannabis, cannabis resin, amphetamine, synthetic cannabinoids and cannabis infused edibles.

The seizures were made on Monday (March 22).

Authorities believe the illegal drugs have a combined estimated value of almost €50,000 and were discovered in 23 separate parcels that originated in the UK and Spain.

In a statement on the matter, Revenue said:

“The seizures arising from these routine operations were made with the assistance of Revenue detector dogs operating in each mail centre, both named Bailey.

“The parcels were declared as items such as ‘boxing equipment’, ‘dough craft toy’, ‘fishing tackle’, ‘beef jerky’, and ‘ice hockey equipment’ and were destined for various addresses throughout Ireland,” it was added.

The seizure was one of three seizures made by Revenue on Monday – some €136,000 worth of drugs and cigarettes were taken by the authority in Dublin, Athlone and Rosslare.

Revenue officers at Dublin Mail Centre seized almost 4kg of various types of illegal drugs including herbal cannabis, cannabis oil, cannabis edibles, cocaine and butane honey oil.

Meanwhile, Rosslare Europort officials seized approximately 12,000 cigarettes branded ‘Minsk’ and ‘L&M’ when an Irish registered vehicle that had disembarked a ferry from Cherbourg, France was stopped and searched.

Investigations are ongoing into all seizures, Revenue confirmed.