Members of An Garda Siochana in Co. Cork recently stopped a driver who was towing a trailer with an unsecured load.

In a tweet on the official Twitter page for An Garda Siochana, it was outlined that the driver was pulled over by the Bandon Traffic Corps.

The trailer was missing a light or two and the load – a single 4X4 round bale of hay – was unsecured, according to Gardai.

Image source: Garda Twitter

The tweet warned that unsecured or inadequately secured loads can injure or even kill people.



The tweet cheekily added that the driver might get ‘bale’. It is unclear whether or not the driver involved in the incident received a penalty from Gardai for the offence.

The Gardai also included screenshots of information about the importance of securing loads.

Travelling with an unsecured load poses a number of risks for both the driver of the vehicle and other road users, according to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) said.

The RSA insists that all loads must be secured even if the vehicle is only travelling a short distance or at low speeds.

The RSA has said that a load shall not be carried on a vehicle on a public road in such a manner that part of the load is liable to fall on the road.

A load must not drag on the surface of the road, so as to cause damage to the road or to be liable to cause danger, it also advises.