The DLL Leasing DAC (DLL) sales team recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary since joining DLL in April 2012. Five members of the original sales team are still involved today and both they, and DLL have come a long way since 2012.

Previously, DLL was known as ‘De Lage Landen’, which was not a name well known to the Irish machinery industry. Thankfully, 10 years later, it is now a well-established brand in a growing Irish market.

An original team of six area sales managers in 2012 has increased to twelve in 2022, eight area sales managers and four Inside Sales. This expansion illustrates DLL’s ambition to grow the business in Ireland over the last 10 years.

New and used machinery finance

Partnering with many global manufacturers over the years, DLL has shown an appetite for looking after all customers’ needs who are keen to fund both new and used machinery.

A significant amount of the business is financing used assets, with sustainability very much in mind.

DLL offers leasing and hire purchase products for sole traders, small and medium enterprises, and large corporates in the Irish market.

It provides high-quality asset-based financing programmes to equipment manufacturers, dealers, and distributors.

Due to their in-depth market knowledge and industry expertise, they are able to offer financing options that can be customised to its partners’ sales objectives, processes, and distribution channels.

Furthermore, the company provides various commercial finance solutions, including asset-based inventory finance programmes that provide substantial value to the distribution channel to support its partners’ long-term growth objectives.

Meet the team: Area sales

DLL native
Area sales managers: Ollie McGuire; Martin Hayden; Clem Power; Richard Halpin; Seamus Lagan; Mick Moran; John Murtagh; Tom Fives; and Michael Diskin
Ollie McGuire 

Ollie joined DLL in 2012 and covers counties Wexford, Wicklow, and Carlow. Ollie has been financing new and used machinery for his customers in the southeast for over 30 years. He is deeply passionate about looking after his customer needs.

John Murtagh

John joined DLL in 2012 and covers counties Sligo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford, Monaghan, Cavan, and Westmeath. John has been looking after his dealers and customers for over 30 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Tom Fives

Tom also joined in 2012. He covers counties Waterford, Kilkenny, south Tipperary, and east Cork. Tom began his asset finance career in 1995 and is highly regarded in the area by his customers and dealers.

Martin Hayden

Martin also joined DLL in 2012. Martin covers counties Kildare, Laois, Offaly, and North Tipperary. Martin has great knowledge of the agricultural industry and is a valuable member of the team.

Seamus Lagan

Seamus has been with DLL with 2006. Seamus covers counties Dublin, Louth and Meath. He has worked in different departments during his time with DLL and has a great understanding of the business and his area.

Richard Halpin

Richard joined DLL in 2015 and has been working in asset finance since 2007. Richard covers Kerry and Cork. Richard has extensive knowledge of the industry as he has also worked for a machinery distributor.

Michael Diskin

Michael joined DLL in 2014. Michael has held various roles including Treasury, Finance and Inside Sales before taking on the role as area manager in 2021. Michael covers counties Mayo, Galway, Limerick, and Clare.

According to DLL, Michael knows the company better than most.

Mick Moran

Mick joined DLL in 2016 and is the construction-equipment specialist. Mick covers all Ireland and delivers exceptional service to his customer base. Mick has been working in asset finance since 1989.

Clem Power

Clem joined DLL in 2012 and initially covered Co. Cork. After the retirement of John Holland in 2020, Clem took over the role as country sales manager. Clem has been working in asset finance since 1995.

Meet the team: Inside Sales

DLL native
Inside Sales managers: Luke O’Callaghan, Cathy Caulfield, Michael Kennedy and Niall Brady
Niall Brady

Niall is DLL’s head of Inside Sales. He joined the company in 2012 and has worked in the finance industry for over 18 years.

Niall has a wealth of knowledge on all things finance-related and works directly with area managers, Tom Fives and John Murtagh, who are DLL’s contact point in Co. Donegal.

Cathy Caulfield

Cathy has worked with DLL since 2017 and has held various roles in the operations department. She joined the Inside Sales team in January 2022, and works closely with area managers, Richard Halpin and Martin Hayden.

Michael Kennedy

Michael joined DLL in 2021 in the operations department. He then moved to Inside Sales in January 2022 and works closely with area managers, Michael Moran and Ollie McGuire.

Luke O’Callaghan 

Finally, Luke joined DLL in 2021 in the customer services department and moved to Inside Sales in March 2022. Luke works directly with area managers, Seamus Lagan and Michael Diskin.

Who are DLL?

DLL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group. DLL now operates in over 30 countries around the globe, offering tailored financial products to its vendor partners and clients. 

It has been operating in Ireland since the mid-90s and its offices are located at 76 Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2. 

DLL is a global vendor finance company who partners with equipment manufacturers, dealers, and distributors in more than 30 countries to support their distribution channels and help grow their businesses.

The company combines customer focus with deep industry knowledge to deliver sustainable solutions for the complete asset life cycle, including commercial finance, retail finance and used-equipment finance.

DLL believes that leasing is more than just lending money, and works hard to provide comprehensive solutions that helps customers successfully navigate their market.

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