Saturday’s mart at Balla Mart, saw demand for heifers drive prices up €30/head on the previous week, according to Mart Manager Anthony Murphy.

He said trade all round was better, with bullocks and heifers up €20 to €40 on last week.

Store bullocks around 450kg and less were making from €600 to €790 with the weight, he said, while they averaged from 1.60 to 2.92c/kg.

One CH bullock 480kg made €1290 or €810 with the weight.

The best examples, he said, of good quality heavy bullocks included a 735kg BBX that made €1725 – or €990 with its weight.

In the heifer ring there was some nice quality lots on offer this week and prices were up by approximately €30 a head on last week, he said.

“The stores remain a good trade averaging from €600 to €1,000 with the weight – that’s €1.77 to €3.05/kg. The best store heifer this week was a 495kg CHX for breeding that made €1510, or €3.05/kg.

“While in the strong heifers this week a 565kg Lmx that went for €1490 or €925 with the weight. They averaged from €1.39 to €2.64kg.”

There was 85 cows on offer this week at the Mayo mart with the top price was a six-year-old pair of Lim cow with a lim heifer calf at foot that made €1,580 while in the dry cows there was a 3.5-year-old 1050kg Charolais  that made €1750.

Balla Mart Sample Prices

285KG LMX €765 @ 2.68/KG

385KG LMX €1115 @ 2.90/KG

480KG CH_ €1290 @ 2.69/KG

685KG LMX €1620 @ 2.36/KG

735KG BBX €1725 @ 2.35/KG


295KG LMX €750 @ 2.54/KG

390KG CH_ €1160 @ 2.97/KG

495KG CHX €1510 @ 3.05/KG

565KG LMX €1490 @ 2.64/KG

Bull Weanlings

335KG CH_ €1015 @ 3.03/KG

430KG BBX €1200 @ 2.79/KG

540KG LM_ €1235 @ 2.29/KG

715KG BBX €1500 @ 2.10/KG

Heifer Weanlings

295KG LMX €750 @ 2.54/KG

395KG CH_ €1075 @ 2.72/KG

485KG CHX €1205 @ 2.49/KG