Dead sheep dumped on farmer’s land in the south

A farmer in the south of the country got a nasty surprise to find a dead sheep dumped on his land this morning (Wednesday, March 27).

“It isn’t too often I get dead animals, but I get pretty much everything else ‘donated’ fairly regularly,” the farmer told AgriLand.

“It’s a lamb, an autumn lamb I’d say; no tags. It’s just annoying.

It was thrown off of some kind of high-backed lorry or something; I only copped it because there was wool on the growth by the road, so whatever he was thrown off of it was a good 4ft or 5ft up in the air anyway.

“I don’t think he was attacked either; it looks like it’s dead a while – it’s been dead a few days.”

This is not the first time that the farmer in question found a dead animal dumped on his land however.

“Previously, many moons ago, someone dumped a dead calf there; and they were stupid enough to leave a mart tag on them.

“This was back before the days of national ID tags.

We were able to track a guy down that way – but this sheep is pretty much untraceable.

“We’re a soft target,” the farmer said.