The Dalevalley Sky High Protein sale took place at Carnaross Mart on Wednesday (June 8) with a total of 42 lots on offer.

Of the lots on offer, 40 were females, consisting of cows and heifers, while the final two lots were two bulls suitable for breeding.

Entries to the sale came from herds such as Ballyboy; Clonpaddin; Dalevalley; Greenlea; Hallow; and Tubbertoby.

The sale offered farmers an opportunity to purchase some exceptional cows and heifers from some of the country’s top herds.

Sky High Protein sale

The Sky High Protein sale lived up to expectations, with a sky-high top price of 10,200gns achieved on the day.

The two top prices of 10,200gns and 8,000gns were achieved by two red heifers, showing that red heifers remain very much in demand among pedigree breeders.

Hallow Jordy Twizzle 1681 Red

Top price on the day went to Lot 7, Hallow Jordy Twizzle 1681 Red.

Her dam Hallow Solomon Twizzle 3 ET (VG89 -3YR) is a maternal sister to Hallow Atwood Hallow Twizzle (EX93-Italy).

She was first European Championship Show in Colmar, France in 2016 and Grand Champion Italian National Show Cremona Show in 2016.

Hallow Jordy Twizzle 1681 Red’s gran-dam is Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET (EX96-4E), who won Champion Emerald Expo 2016; Reserve Champion Royal Ulster Agricultural Society (RUAS) Spring Show 2016; Baileys All-Ireland Cow Champion; and Irish Holstein Friesian Association (IHFA) All-Ireland Champion cow Award in 2016.

She had a lifetime production of 99.8t of milk at 5.71% fat and 3.72% protein.

Lot 7: Hallow Jordy Twizzle 1681 RED
Sold for 10,200gns
Image source: Carnaross Mart
Ballyboy Awsome Twizzle Red ET

Lot 24, Ballyboy Awsome Twizzle Red ET, achieved the second-highest price of the day of 8,000gns.

She is the maternal sister to last year’s sale topper, Hallow Diamondback Twizzle 159, who sold for 10,500gns.

Her dam Hallow Atwood Twizzle 1181 (EX-2nd C) was Breed and Inter-Breed Dairy Champion at RUAS Balmoral Show in 2019.

Lot 24: Ballyboy Awsome Twizzle Red ET
Sold for 8,000gns
Image source: Carnaross Mart
Hallow CM Mogul Twizzle

The third-highest price of 7,000gns went to Lot 19, Hallow CM Mogul Twizzle, a potential seventh generation (EX).

Her dam is Mileen Doorman Twizzle ET (EX-91) and her dam was Hallow Atwood Twizzle (EX93 – Italy).

Hallow Atwood Twizzle won first four to five-year-old European Championship Show Colmar in France in 2016 and was Grand Champion Italian National Show Cremona Show in 2016.

Hallow CM Mogul Twizzle, maternal sister Hallow CM Tatoo Twizzle and Hallow Crushtime Twizzle ET, sold for 7,100gns and 4,800gns respectively in the 2021 sale.

Greenlea Yamaska Rhapsody (VG-2YR)

The fourth-highest price of 4,700gns went to Lot 4, Greenlea Yamaska Rhapsody (VG-2YR), a potential 15th generation EX cow.

She is the maternal sister to Greenlea Applicable Rhaosody (VG88-3YR), who sold for 5,200gns at the Summer Sizzler Sale and also won first Junior Cow in-milk at RUAS in September 2021.

Hallow Chief Abrakzoo

The fifth-highest price of 4,550gns went to Lot 30, Hallow Chief Abrakzoo, a potential 11th generation VG/EX cow.

Her gran-dam was Hallow Doorman Abrakzoo ET (VG87), Reserve Champion at the Irish National Young Members Association (YMA) Show in 2017.

Her dam was Kingsway Goldwyn Abrakazoo (EX92-3E), All-Canadian 4-H Int. Calf 2009 and Reserve All-Canadian Int. Yrig 2010.

Lot 30: Hallow Cheif Abrakzoo
Sold for 4,550
Image source: Carnaross Mart
Hallow King Royal Twizzle 1654

Next was Lot 38, Hallow King Royal Twizzle 1654, a potential sixth generation EX cow; she sold for 4,300gns.

Her gran-dam is Hallow Advent Twizzle 5 ET (EX94-6E), she is a full sister to Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET (EX96-4E).

Hallow Advent Twizzle 3 ET was Baileys All-Ireland Champion in 2016.

Hallow Jordy Twizzle

Seventh-highest price went to Lot 8, Hallow Jordy Twizzle, a potential eighth generation VG/EX cow; she sold for 4,150gns.

Her dam is Hallow Sol Twizzle (VG89-3YR), she was first and Reserve Champion Irish National YMA Calf Show in 2019.

Her gran-dam is Hallow Atwood Twizzle 1181;, she won Breed and Inter-Breed Dairy Champion at the RUAS Balmoral Show 2019.

Lot 8: Hallow Jordy Twizzle
Sold for 4,150gns
Image source: Carnaross Mart
Hallow Chief Embrace

The eighth-highest price on the day of 4,000gns went to Lot 9, Hallow Chief Embrace.

Her dam Hallow King Doc Embrace produced 7,692kg of milk her first lactation at 4.59% fat and 3.80% protein.

Lot 9: Hallow Chief Embrace
Sold for 4,000gns
Image source: Carnaross Mart

Pic and prices

Some more pictures and prices from Wednesday’s sale can be seen in the gallery below.

Taaffe Auctions

Speaking to Agriland after the sale, Michael Taaffe from Taaffe Auctions said: “Red and white heifers were in high demand with the two highest prices going to red heifers.

“The clearance rate was a disappointing 76%, with 29 females lots sold.”

Michael stated that farmers were being very selective with the lots they choose to bid on.

Continuing, Michael said: “The 29 lots ranged from 1,300gns to 10,200gns and achieved an average sale price of 3,641gns.”

Taaffe Auctions returns to Carnaross Mart for two more sales this month, starting with the Monamore Milk sale on June 18, and then the Leagh Promise of Protein sale on June 22.