Dairygold’s cereal prices for harvest 2017 finalised

This week Dairygold has finalised its cereal prices for harvest 2017, with prices remaining “sluggish” due to another “large global harvest”.

Despite the sluggish market, Dairygold claims that it has demonstrated its support for and commitment to its cereal growers by “paying leading prices“.

It also reiterated that it is “committed to maximising the use of native Irish cereals across its range of feedstuffs”.

All prices are subject to quality adjustments as per cereal purchasing terms and conditions.

This year Dairygold is offering a price of €145/t, €153/t and €140/t for barley, wheat and oats respectively. All of these prices are excluding VAT at 5.4% and are based on 20% moisture.

A price of €160/t for contract malting barley is also being offered. Similarly to the above prices, it is excluding VAT at 5.4% and is based on 20% moisture.

All of the prices listed above are inclusive of the premium based on minimum purchase terms, Dairygold explained.

Farmers who have contract beans for sale will receive a price of €163/t; this price will drop by €3/t to €160/t for non-contract beans. Again, prices are not inclusive of VAT at 5.4% and are based on moisture at 20%.

In relation to oilseed rape, a price of €360/t (excluding VAT at 5.4%) is being quoted by Dairygold. This price is based on a crop produced at 9% moisture.

News of Dairygold’s cereal price list for 2017 comes as the company recently announced plans to enhance its store network, as part of a major €11.5 million store investment plan over the next three years.

Currently, Dairygold has a network of 39 stores across the Munster area under the Co-Op Superstores & Co-Op Stores retail brands – as well as an online store.

The investment plan will include: store development and enhancements; establishing new purpose-built stores at certain existing locations; the upgrade of some older stores; and the integration of some stores.