The cull ewe trade remains in strong from, with fierce ringside competition at marts continuing to drive the trade.

The talk in recent weeks has been that of the fall in lamb prices and rightly so, but the ewe trade continues to quietly go about its business in strong fashion.

Heavy fleshed ewes – those in excess of 95kg, particularly over 100kg – continue to sell to highs in excess of €200 at marts.

Prices for these ewes continue to sell to highs of anywhere between €200-230/head and even higher in cases, and starting from a base of €180-190/head.

Fleshed ewes in the 85-95kg weight bracket also remain a strong trade and generally have been moving at prices ranging from €160/head up to €190-195/head, depending on flesh cover.

Ewes weighing back to 65-70kg and weighing up to the mid-80kg weight bracket have been trading from €100-110/head upwards to €150-160/head in general, with flesh cover a key determinant in prices paid out.

With factory base prices sitting at €3.80-4.00/kg and top prices reaching €4.30/kg, it’s little wonder strong entries of ewes are being seen at marts.

With weaning commenced or on the to-do list in the coming weeks, any ewes marked for culling might be best given a ticket to the mart in light of the current strong trade.