CROPS WATCH: Straight forward T2 on winter wheat

John Mulhare, TerraChem Agronomist, is very happy with how the winter wheat crops are progressing on Kevin Nolan’s farm in Co. Carlow.

On the advanced crops, leaf 2 was just emerging when AgriLand visited and John outlined that the T2 will be applied this weekend.

He explains why he is happy with the crop and his plans for the T2 fungicide in this installment of CROPS WATCH.

The T2 fungicide is straight forward – Treoris and OPUS Team. The chlorothalonil in the Treoris will provide broad sprectrum control and will also form part of an anti-resistance strategy to protect the chemistry being applied.

Chlorothalonil in Treoris is also value for money this year as it has not increased in price. OPUS Team provides a triazole (epoxiconazole) and has the added advantage of containing a mildewcide.

T2 fungicide application:
  • Treoris – 2L/ha;
  • OPUS Team – 1.5L/ha;
  • SulfaMag – 1L/ha

Growth regulator

The wheat crops all received a robust plant growth regulator programme. As a result, they have developed a strong stem and may not require a final application of Terpal, but this will be monitored closer to the time.

Magnesium to boost yield

John is a firm believer in reducing crop stress through foliar nutrition. Magnesium is one of the most important nutrients affecting crop yield; it affects photosynthesis and therefore yield.

In the video above, John describes beading of the chlorophyll. This means that the chlorophyll levels are low.

Applying magnesium late in the growing season can help to increase chlorophyll levels and help to keep the plant greener for longer. This increases photosynthesis. He plans to apply SulfaMag at 1L/ha at the crop’s T2 application.

“At the very end of its grain fill period, wheat can put on an another 0.2t/ha/day. So for a couple of euros spent on SulfaMag, you can get phenomenal dividends.

“So with the flag leaf spray, top up the magnesium at that stage; don’t wait for the head spray,” John concluded.