In this year’s third Winter Wheat Crops Watch instalment in association with Terrachem, with winter wheat crops now approaching the critical flag leaf fungicide timing (T2), Dr. Robert Beattie of Terrachem provides an update on the use of inatreq at his timing.

INATREQ‘, as it is widely known, is the chemical fenpicoxamid, from the family picolinamides.

Simply put, Inatreq comes from an entirely new chemical family for cereal fungicides, with no known cross-resistance between it and any other chemical family currently in use in Irish cereal growing today

In the video below, Robert is in a field of Avatar winter wheat in the northeast of the country. The crop received its leaf 3 fungicide on the of may 1, and despite this being well-timed there is a significant amount of disease in the base of the crop, with active Septoria on leaf 4.

Other diseases are well controlled, making Septoria the main focus from here on out.

In the crop in question, The flag leaf is at 20% emergence currently, but there is quite a bit of variability in flag leaf emergence across the country. Therefore it is essential to get pout into crops and assess the current growth stage.

Wet weather

There has been a significant level of rainfall thus far in May, with some parts of the country experiencing its highest level of rainfall for may in seven years. With more rain promised over the next few days, this will inevitably lead to high Septoria pressure.

Therefore there will be a need to use robust chemistry at the flag leaf timing. Robert recommends using Inatreq active at this timing for both it’s curativity and persistent control of Septoria. Inatreq is available on the market in three brand names Aquino, Peacoq and Questar.

Due to disease pressure, Robert recommends using robust rates of the product, close to the full rate of 2.0L/ha for long term persistent control of Septoria and maximum return of investment for the grower.

Keep an eye on the terrachem Twitter account for a competition where growers can send in a photo of their can of inatreq to be in with a chance to win prizes.

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