The count for the Connacht IFA Chairman position has been postponed, following the death of Sligo IFA’s County Secretary Marie Kenny.

The Sligo County Executive was due to meet tonight to vote for a Connacht Chairman however, following the death of their County Secretary the vote has also been postponed.

Since Sligo will not be voting tonight, the count for the position, which was due to take place tomorrow, June 24, will now take place at a later date.

It is not known yet what date the rescheduled Sligo vote or the count will now take place.

Last night, the Galway IFA County Executive met to hear from both candidates, Eddie Davitt and Padraic Joyce, before casting a vote.

County Chairman Pat Murphy said that the was a good crowd at the meeting, where over 170 members voted, given that it was one of the longest days of the year and the Ireland soccer game was on.

Both candidates gave god presentations and there was a questions and answers session afterwards.

Davitt and Joyce, both former County Chairmen, were nominated to run for the position following a secret ballot vote by the region’s five County Chairmen in early May.

Connacht had been in deadlock for several months over the position of Regional Chairman as one candidate was nominated from each county for the top job meaning no county could endorse another to go forward for the position.

In order to appoint a representative for the region, each County Chairman voted to endorse one of the other candidates from outside their County Executive by voting 1, 2, 3 in a secret ballot.

Each Connacht County Executive this week, now with the exception of Sligo, is meeting this week to vote for either Davitt or Joyvce.