Commission ‘must immediately implement’ private storage aid – TD

The European Commission must immediately implement an Aids to Private Storage (APS) scheme to protect the Irish dairy sector from further economic shock, according to independent TD Carol Nolan.

The TD for Laois-Offaly highlighted that there is growing momentum within Irish agriculture for the introduction of such a facility, which subsidises the storage of dairy products for a defined amount of time during periods of serious market disruption.

Expanding on this, she said:

There are historical precedents for the EU supporting the introduction of an APS-type scheme when volatile export conditions created major problems for the Irish agri-sector.

“I have written to Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed to urgently intervene with the EU commissioner to ensure that private storage aid measures are introduced immediately.

“As I understand it, our own Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is working with Dairy Industry Ireland (DII) on DII’s request for the European Commission to introduce the scheme.

“I want to commend and support this kind of vital and practical teamwork,” the TD added.

The EU “must accept that the APS approach is one that will at the very least offer some scope” for limiting the negative impacts of current conditions, deputy Nolan concluded.