Breahig woodland, a well-established commercial forest, located in Co. Kerry, near the town of Castleisland, is for sale on 59.8ac (24.2ha).

Castleisland is approximately 4.5km northwest of the property on the N21 national primary road. The land itself is located at the end of a local tarred road, with two points of access.

Veon is the acting forestry consultants for the sale.

‘Excellent vigour and leader growth’

The property, comprised of 59.8ac, is divided into two plantings: 9.34ha was planted in 1999; while 13.33ha was planted in 2001. The remaining 1.5ha is not planted.

Moreover, 20.63ha was planted with Sitka spruce / Japanese larch intimate mixture in a proportion of 80%:20%. One plot of ash has also been planted amounting to 2.04ha.

According to Veon, the Sitka spruce is “growing extremely well, showing excellent vigour and leader growth is more than 1m”.

Furthermore, the forestry consultants went on to state that the Japanese larch, while growing strongly, is “poorly formed with basal sweep common”. However, the Sitka spruce is not being suppressed by the Japanese larch. Initial stocking was high and current stocking is as expected for this crop.

The unplanted land is capable of being planted subject to forestry approval and is capable of growing high yield class conifers. Currently, this land is not being used.

With regard to environmental designations, there are none within the boundary of the property.

However, there is a substantial stream along the southern boundary and a number of deep drains with year-round flowing water in them progressing along internal field boundaries and exiting the property on the western boundary.

Old growth hedgerows with veteran trees bound these streams and are enhanced with the planting of three rows of oak, birch and alder.

Guide price

Breahig woodland has a guide price of €450,000.

The closing date for offers is 12:00pm on Wednesday, September 23. Further information, viewings and offers can be made by contacting Veon.