Cold and misty weather to dominate this week

Cold and misty conditions are expected to dominate this week, as temperatures could drop to below freezing, according to Met Eireann.

Today, Monday, is set to be rather cloudy and misty, with just a few bright spells. Rain and drizzle is forecast at times, with it likely to be scattered at first with dry periods also. But there is a danger of it becoming more widespread this afternoon and persistent in places.

Some patches of fog may develop on hills and coasts, especially in the south and south-west. It is set to be very mild for this time of year, with top temperatures of 11º to 14º in moderate to fresh south-west breezes.

Mild, cloudy and misty conditions are forecast tonight, with persistent rain for a time in northern counties. This rain is expected to be well scattered and lighter elsewhere.

Hill and coastal fog is also likely overnight, as temperatures drop to between 8º and 11º.

Conditions for spraying and drying are set to be poor over the coming week due to frequent rain, drizzle and showers.

Most soils are close to saturation at the moment, with poorly drained soils waterlogged. No great change is expected over the next seven days, Met Eireann added.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, is forecast to be mild, cloudy and misty. There will be risk of rain at times in many areas and fresh southwesterly winds, but some drier periods are also possible.

It will be misty with low cloud and fog on hills and coasts. Afternoon highs of 12º to 14º are likely in fresh southwesterly winds.

Cloudy and misty weather, with some rain at times, is expected overnight. The rain will turn heavy over Munster and Leinster towards morning, with temperatures not falling below 8º to 10º, according to Met Eireann.

Cooler more showery weather is forecast over northern and northwestern parts, with lows of 5º or 6º expected.


Similar conditions are likely on Wednesday, with some further heavy rain for a time over eastern and southern areas where winds will be southwesterly at first.

It is set to be cold in the west and north of the country, with the rain becoming more showery. Afternoon temperatures will range from 5º to 7º, but values of 10º to 13º are possible in the south and south-east.

But the colder air – with north or north-west winds – will move down to all areas later on Wednesday and Wednesday night, Met Eireann explained.

It will be cold and windy on Wednesday night with some rain or sleet for a time. Lowest temperatures will drop to between 2 and -2º, with some icy roads in spite of the wind.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday are forecast to be cold, breezy days. Occasional showers are expected over that period, with some turning wintry on high ground, especially in western and northern areas.

Some bright or short sunny spells may also develop, as temperatures range from just 4º to 8º – values will be best over south Munster and south Leinster.

Northwesterly winds, which will often be fresh and gusty, will make it feel very cold at times, Met Eireann added. By night, it is expected to be cold and frosty – with the danger of icy road conditions developing.