‘Clever’ three-point linkage keeps your steering in check

Reichhardt – a specialist German manufacturer – has been showing off its PSR Slide system at recent events around Europe.

It consists of a frame that is attached to a tractor’s three-point linkage. Integrated into the frame is a sliding mechanism with its own rearward-facing three-point linkage (to which an implement is attached).

The idea is that the tractor is steered – as normal – by the operator. The sliding mechanism can move sideways – enabling the position of the implement to be corrected on-the-move.


This is useful in scenarios where very precise implement positioning is needed – when steering a precision hoe or drill in delicate row crops, for example.

The sliding mechanism is controlled via a GPS system, with RTK-level accuracy. Sensor technology is also employed, to keep everything in check.

This video (below) shows the system in action – effectively acting as a ‘smart link’ between the tractor and the implement mounted at the rear.

The PSR Slide system reportedly costs upwards of €15,000 (excluding VAT). It was one of the company’s key attractions at the recent Agritechnica show in Germany.

Two versions are offered – a PSR Slide L (lift capacity of 1.5t; net weight of 0.25t) and a beefier PSR Slide XL (lift capacity of 4t; net weight of 0.58t).

In both cases, the frame is 1.63m wide.


The entity’s origins can be traced back to 1985; that’s the year Andreas Reichhardt founded a company focused on the development, production and sale of ‘switching units’ for Hassia seed drills and cutting height controls for Claas harvesters.

1989 saw further growth, as the company embarked on the fabrication of cabs and complete wiring harnesses for Ropa sugar beet harvesters.

The company continued to broaden its brief thereafter. In 2004, for example, it expanded its production site for the installation of electronic reverse-drive systems for John Deere tractors.

A US subsidiary – in North Dakota – was founded in 2006.