There are fears for 65 jobs in the renowned Renvyle House Hotel in Galway if costal erosion enables contamination of the local water supply, according to Sinn Féin Senator Trevor Ó Clochartaigh.

“The wave defences on the grounds of the hotel have been severely damaged with recent bad weather.  If more damage is done the seawater could very easily contaminate a small lake adjacent to the hotel which supplies water for the renowned tourist amenity. Furthermore, the lake is designated as a Special Area of Conservation due to a rare strain of weed which is growing in it,” warned the Galway West Senator.

“This hotel is the main employer in the Renvyle peninsula. Up to 65 jobs depend on this well-known business. If the breakwater were to fail, if the lake was polluted and the water supply were to be compromised the management maintain the business will be in jeopardy. Tourism amenities such as the Renvyle House Hotel depend on clean water for their success,” he added. 

The Sinn Fein senator is calling on immediate local government funding to tackle the threat of this costal erosion. 

“This work needs to be done before next winter or we might have a disastrous outcome in relation to the business and the essential jobs that they provide. All stakeholders have a duty to do whatever we can to resolve the issues,” he concluded.

Pictured Renvyle House Hotel