Latest figures from CSO shows that cattle slaughterings are running some 9.8% ahead of 2013.

However, the kill slowed in November with the number of cattle slaughtered in November 2014 only 1.0% higher than in November 2013.

In the year to October exports of fresh and frozen beef from Ireland were up 15% on the year at 282,000 tonnes according to EBLEX.

It says with higher cattle carcase weights on the back of better conditions, production is up over 13%, or almost 60,000 tonnes on the year. This development it says has meant that availability of product for export has been very good.

Unsurprisingly, EBLEX says with the United Kingdom by far the largest market for Irish beef, shipments to the UK have been well ahead of year earlier levels this year.

In the 10-month period, shipments to the UK are up 11% on the year to amount to 118,000 tonnes.

However, EBLEX says despite this increase in volume, the UK share of the Irish trade has not actually increased. In fact it is a fraction lower than in the same period last year at just over 40%.

EBLEX says trade between Ireland and the continent has also benefited from the uplift in availability.

It says shipments to France increased by over 20 per cent, to the Netherlands by 13% and to Italy and Germany by almost a quarter. Prior to sanctions on EU imports, Russia was a growing market for Irish beef. In the year to July shipments had more than doubled, EBLEX has said.