Cattle slaughterings for October back 5.7% on same month last year

The number of cattle slaughtered in the country in October of 2020 was down 5.7% on the figure for the same month of 2019, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

This was a decrease to some 167,700 head last month, compared to 178,000 head 12 months earlier. However, the number of cattle slaughtered increased on a month-on-month basis (September to October 2020) with 160,700 head slaughtered in September 2020.

For sheep, 287,300 head were slaughtered in October 2020, down from 311,100 in October 2019, a 7.6% decrease, while the month-on-month figure also decreased, down from 298,800 head in September 2019.

304,600 head of pigs were slaughtered in October 2020, compared to 297,600 in October 2019, an increase of 2.3%. However, there was a decrease on the month-on-month figure, down from 306,500 in September of this year.

Looking at the figures for the year to date, (January to October), cattle slaughterings were up 2.3% on the same period of 2019; the numbers of sheep slaughtered was up 4.3%; while the number of pigs slaughtered was up 1.4%.

Carcass weight

If we look at the figures for carcass weight, the cattle slaughterings for last month amounted to 57,600t, a decrease from 61,800t for October 2019, though an increase on the 55,600t in September 2020.

The sheep slaughtered in last month amounted to 6,200t carcass weight, a decrease on the 6,700t carcass weight for October 2019, and also a slight decrease on the 6,300t figure for September 2020.

For pigs, the total carcass weight for last month was 27,500t, an increase on the 26,200t from October 2019, and a slight decrease from 27,600t for September 2020.