Cattle Marts – Strong trade for finished steers with lots selling up to €2.80/kg

The trade for finished cattle has improved on previous weeks according to the country’s mart managers as many hosted their autumn show and sales last week.

The strong demand for these finished lots has been driven by both factory and Northern buyers who have kept a firm base under the forward cattle classes.

The trade for weanling classes has also remained strong with these lots generally selling from €1.60-1.87/kg for the plainer lots to €3.64-3.83/kg for the lots suitable for export.

cattle marts

There was a strong trade in Mohill Mart for its October steer sale, according to the Mart Manager, Steven Hannon.

According to Hannon, trade was very strong with both factory and Northern buyers seen to a great extend around the ring for the 550 cattle on offer.

Forward and beef steers were in strong demand, he added, with the heavier of these lots trading from €2.45-2.55/kg, while the lots weighing 500-600kg generally made from €2.50-2.60/kg.

Over-age steers were harder to sell, he added, with these lots generally trading from €2.23-2.25/kg.

Farmer buyers were very active around the ring in Mountbellew Mart on Friday, according to the Mart Manager Marianne Higgins.

The manager added that there was a very large turnout of cattle as a result of the Autumn Store Bullock Show and Sale.

However, the large entry of cattle did not dampen the trade with forward steers making €2.01-2.37/kg while the lighter lots sold from €2.07-2.10/kg.

Their counterpart heifers remained in good demand with these lots trading from €2.06-2.55/kg.

Weanling bulls also met with firm demand and sold from €500-800 over, there was also very strong demand for weaning heifers with prices ranging from €450-800 over.

There was a bigger sale of cattle in Balla Mart on Saturday, according to the Mart Manager Michael Murphy.

According to Murphy, there was a sharp trade around the ring for the 1,120 lots on offer.

Store steers traded from €600-900 over or €1.80-2.83/kg while the heavier steers were in great demand and sold from €1.47-2.80/kg.

There was a large entry of heifers with 350 passing through the ring, these lots sold from €600-900 over or €2.00-3.08/kg.

Murphy added that heavier heifers had improved on last week and sold from €1.46-2.95/kg, while dry cows sold from €1.03-2.28/kg.

The Mayo venue held its weekly weaning sale last Tuesday and 906 lots passed through the ring.

According to Murphy, the trade was similar to previous weeks, light bulls traded from €1.93-3.83/kg while the heavier lots sold from €1.87-2.78/kg.

Heifer weanlings were in demand from farmer buyers. Light heifers averaged from €1.60-3.64/kg while the heavier lots made from €2.29-3.16/kg, said Murphy.

Kilkenny Mart had a smaller number of cattle on offer last Thursday with 990 cattle passing through the ring.

According to the mart’s Auctioneer George Candler, plainer heifers were more difficult to sell but the smaller number of steers on offer met with a firm trade.

Forward steers in the Kilkenny venue sold from €1.95-2.30/kg while the store lots weighing from 500-600kg sold from €1.80-2.40/kg. Lighter stores weighing less than 400kg made €1.60-2.70/kg, said Candler.

There was also a good trade for beef heifers, these lots traded from €2.00-2.40/kg while the forward store heifers sold from €2.00-2.45/kg, furthermore the lighter store heifers traded from €1.80-2.75/kg.

According to Candler, cull cow prices were sharper helped by the smaller supply, Friesian types sold from €1.05-1.75/kg and the continental types traded from €1.40-2.10/kg.