Carbery Group holds milk price…and reveals 2020 bonus payment

Carbery Group has become the latest processor to announce its milk price for December, revealing its decision to hold its current price – as well as a bonus payment it will make on all milk supplied in 2020.

In a brief statement this evening (Monday, December 18), a spokesperson for the west Cork group said:

“Carbery has maintained its milk price for December.

If this decision is replicated across the four west Cork co-ops – Bandon, Barryroe, Drinagh and Lisavaird – this will result in an average price for December of 32.4c/L, inclusive of VAT.

“This price is inclusive of 1c/L in support which continues to be paid from the Stability Fund.

“The price is exclusive of Somatic Cell Count (SCC) or any other adjustments which may be made by the co-ops.”

Continuing, the group spokesperson said:

The board is pleased to confirm their decision to also pay a 0.5cpl bonus for all milk supplied in 2020.

Earlier today, Dairygold also decided to hold its milk price for December.

A spokesperson said: “Dairygold has maintained its December quoted milk price unchanged at 32.311c/L (VAT Adjusted 5.6% vs. 5.4%), based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat, inclusive of bonuses and VAT.

“Dairy markets remain relatively stable, following the positive outcome of the EU/UK Trade Deal.

“Global milk supply and dairy demand remain in fine balance. As is customary, the board will continue to review milk price on a month by month basis,” the cooperative representative concluded.

Meanwhile, the Dairygold Board has approved a three-year fixed milk price scheme, at 32.25c/L at 3.30% protein and 3.60% butterfat, including VAT, BSC and Sustainability Bonus.

This price equates to 36.73c/L based on the society’s average 2020 milk solids, Dairygold says.