Canada gets approval to send live exports to Turkey

Canada has been granted access to the Turkish live exports market, with immediate access granted to the market.

Lawrence MacAulay, the Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, has announced that the Canadian Government has opened new market access for Canadian breeding cattle to Turkey.

The Canadian cattle industry estimates that gaining this access, which opens immediately, will be worth $4.5m per year, offering the potential of being a top export market for Canadian breeding cattle.

It says that improved access in this sector will create more opportunities for Canadian cattle producers and will position Canada as a long-term, reliable partner in meeting Turkey’s import requirements.

The Canadian Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Lawrence MacAulay said Turkey represents an important market for live exports and Canadian exporters.

“I am very pleased that our government has successfully secured market access to Canadian cattle in Turkey. When our producers and exporters succeed abroad, Canadians and our middle class benefit here at home.”

The announcement comes weeks after Ireland declared that it had been given the green light by Turkey to export live cattle.

In 2015, approximately 830,000 head of cattle were exported to the US from Canada for breeding, feeding and processing with feeder cattle exports making up a larger proportion of the trade.