There was a strong show of over 900 calves last Wednesday (March 24) at Enniscorthy Mart – with the trade reported to be ‘holding firm’ by the mart’s assistant manager Kevin Murphy.

Speaking about the sale, Kevin stated:

“The trade was very strong in general – with Friesian calves becoming a little bit less plentiful and the price for these calves continuing to rise in recent weeks.

The coloured calves were a good trade. All strong and quality calves selling very well.

Looking at the prices paid for continental bull calves, these sold at €200/head for the lesser quality calf, and up to €455/head for a quality Belgian Blue bull. The continental heifers were making from €180/head reaching up to €430/head on the day.

According to Kevin, the Friesian bull calves made up a smaller proportion of the sale than recent weeks – with the lighter export type Friesian selling from €45/head to €75/head. The stronger Friesian calves sold from €80/head up to €130/head.

Kevin stated that the quality Friesian bull calf with age (over six weeks old) and strength to match, were largely bought by farmers and agents. These sold anywhere from €150/head to a high of €230/head on the day.

Hereford and Angus bull calves were selling from €160/head up to €345/head – while heifers were ranging from €145/head up to €320/head for the quality Hereford female.

Dairy dispersal sale topped at €2,160

On the same day, the mart hosted a dispersal sale of a dairy herd belonging to Laurence Kinsella.

With Kevin stating that the sale brought huge interest both locally and nationwide, it aided the sale in being “lively from the very start”.

Freshly calved heifers sold from €1,720/head up to €2,020/head. However, it was the second calvers that attracted the biggest demand it seems, as they ranged from €1,940/head up to a top price of €2,160/head.

The third, fourth and fifth calvers sold from €1,680/head up to €1,940/head for the fancier types. Meanwhile the older cows (sixth and seventh calvers) made from €1,180/head up to €1,420/head.

From the small number of in-calf cows and heifers with prices starting at €1,120/head up to €1,500/head for younger lots which were closer to calving.

Overall, Kevin reported that the bulk of the stock was sold to customers from outside Co. Wexford, with the majority of the higher quality females going further afield.