A butcher from Co. Westmeath has developed a range of “artisan” pet food treats with the aim of promoting health and wellbeing in dogs.

Butcher Leonard Greene, from Multyfarnham, near Mullingar, has developed the brands ‘Tonic Treats’ and ‘Pure MeatSnax’. These products are made by hand using natural ingredients.

Green’s pet food business is based on the concept of ‘One Health’ and extends that concept to pets. He worked with researchers from Teagasc on the products.

The business initiative focuses on the importance of optimising nutrient utilisation from natural ingredients as solutions for health issues and for preventative healthcare in pets.

The pet foods are made from Irish grass-fed beef, seaweed, and a range of natural botanicals.

Commenting on the products he has developed, Greene said: “Understanding the importance of key nutrients in our pets’ food is key to their healthy and sustainable living.”

He added: “Our artisan pet food treats are not only packed with important nutrients from grass-fed beef, seaweed and natural botanicals. For proactive pet healthcare and wellbeing, they are also underpinned by world-class science by Teagasc researchers, with very exciting results.

“Healthy soils grow healthy grass; healthy and sustainable beef; and healthy botanicals… A combination of all these natural ingredients has potential to promote good health in your pet, as demonstrated by our novel research with Teagasc.”

The pet treats aim to improve heart and joint health, and to treat diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels.

Commenting on the results of initial trials on these products carried out by Teagasc, Greene said: “Our [products] act as natural agents that can regulate enzymes involved in pet health, and they may therefore improve their health.

“These exciting results indicate the potential for our pet food treats to not only serve as a nutritious treat for pets, but also as a mechanism to deliver proactive heart, joint, and diabetic healthcare and wellbeing,” he added.