A bus in Limerick was today spotted carrying a load of potatoes and it is not an optical illusion. The bus was spotted in Limerick city centre, half full of spuds with no obvious reason for the sight.

Pictures of the bus soon surfaced on Twitter drawing further bafflement and confusion among Limerick residents and Twitter users.

Rumour had it that the spuds were just an optical illusion of sorts, using stickers to create the illusion of a bus full of spuds, but it turned out to be a real sight.

However, it turned out to be a part of the City of Culture weekend that is taking place in Limerick this weekend.

The theme of the weekend, the Giant’s Journey, revolves around a granny who lands in a field of potatoes in Munster.

The giant Granny is arriving to Limerick tomorrow, Friday, but there are hints around the ‘Granny’ all around limerick, with giant footprints spotted in Limerick too. French group Royal Deluxe are behind the feature and full details of the weekend’s activities can be found here.