A strong entry of sheep were met with a very good demand at Tullow Mart on Tuesday, with lamb prices making up to €170/head and cull ewe prices up to €194/head.

Speaking to Agriland after the conclusion of the sale, the mart’s manager, Eric Driver, said: “We had a strong entry of over 1,800 sheep here on Tuesday [June 15) at Tullow.

“The trade was extremely buoyant and was improved by €2-3/head across the board in comparison to the previous few weeks – which is great to be reporting at this stage of the year.

“Lambs over 45kg sold from €156/head up to €170/head for 52kg, with the majority making from €158/head up to €166/head.

Fleshed lambs, 40-44kg, made from €140/head up to a tops of €156/head, with, again, many of those fetching between €144/head up to €152/head.

“Lighter fleshed lambs, 37-38kg, destined for the factory, making €100 with the kilo, from €135/head up to €142/head.

“We saw lighter stores, 30-32kg, selling from €93/head up to €102/head in general. One particular lot that stood out weighed 32.5kg and sold for €100/head.”

Ewe hoggets make up to €240 at Tullow

Speaking about the cull ewe trade, Eric said it continues to amaze with prices topping €198/head on Tuesday.

He added: “Once again a buoyant trade was seen for cast ewes. Heavy ewes topped out at €198/head for 102kg Charollais-cross ewes.

“Another pen of Cheviot-cross weighing 95kg sold for €184/head.

“While in the brood ring, a small entry of ewe hoggets sold very strongly – up to €240/head.”

Eric added that the first breeding sale of the year at Tullow is set to take place on Tuesday (June 29), which will see a special entry of 200 aged full and broken-mouthed that would be suitable for sponging.