Beet varieties: What’s out there?

When it comes to beet varieties a lot of growers are loyal to what they know. Varieties like Magnum and, in more recent times, Enermax have become staples.

Alisha (white beet) and Geronimo (yellow beet) are new choices on the block and both impressed in Goldcrop’s beet trials.

Alisha, a sugar beet, scored 122 for relative root dry matter (DM) yield expected.

This was well ahead of the pack on DM yield and comes from an expected root DM of 22.5%, despite being on the lower end of the table for relative root fresh yield expected.

The closest variety to Alisha on the DM yield expected was Enermax (white beet) at 109, while Geronimo – another new variety from Goldcrop – came in with a score of 104. However, there is limited availability of Geronimo seed this season.


For anyone looking to graze beet later in the year Jamon – an orange beet – is suited to this job. 46% of its root is overground – compared for example to Alisha which has 20% of its root overground.

Jamon has an expected root dry matter of 15.1%.

If you are growing beet on contract discuss the variety choice with the buyer to find a variety that suits their system and yours.