Across the country, most beef processing plants are quoting 365c/kg for both steers and heifers; although, there have been farmers seen to secure higher prices than this – especially for heifers.

Factories still seem to be holding out on increasing prices paid to farmers, despite the fact that they are actively sourcing stock. With some 36,949 head of cattle being killed the week ending February 9, there has been an increase of 715 head on the previous week.

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There has been little or no change on the bull trade, with variation across plants continuing.

Base quotes stand at 350c/kg for R-grades; O-grades are around the 320-335c/kg mark, while U-grading bulls are making circa 360c/kg across the board.

Moving onto cows, where the prices have not seen much change from the previous week either.

Negotiations for cows, between factory buyers and farmers, are starting at 280-290c/kg for P-grade lots, 290-300c/kg for O-grade animals and 310-320c/kg for R-grades.

Northern Ireland and UK beef trade

Recently, base quotes coming out of beef processing plants in Northern Ireland have been consistent week-on-week, according to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC).

Producers are being urged to find the best deal for their cattle; rather than settling for the first price offered to them.

Prices continued on the same trend as the week previous; base quotes for U-3 steers and heifers ranged from 324-334p/kg (389-401c/kg).

The average steer price last week fell from the week previous to 332.3p/kg (399.1c/kg), with the R3 steer price rising by 1.4p/kg to 341.4p/kg (410c/kg).

The average heifer price fell last week, to 335.1p/kg (349.1c/kg), while the R3 heifer price stayed consistent on the previous week at 342.4p/kg.

According to the LMC, young bull prices saw an increase of 1.6p/kg to 316.5p/kg (379.8c/kg) in the last week, with R3 young bull prices increasing to 326.4p/kg (or 3.917c/kg).

Cow prices averaged out at 238.7p/kg (286.4c/kg) last week, with the O3-grade cows making 258.1p/kg (309.7c/kg).

In the UK, average steer prices increased to 333.5p/kg (400.4c/kg) last week.

The R3 heifer price increased slightly to 340.1p/kg (408.3c/kg), while the average heifer price also increased to 335p/kg (402.2c/kg) last week.

Cow prices also had an increase last week in the UK, with the average cow price coming in at 230.5p/kg (276.8c/kg) and the O3 cow price up to 252.2p/kg (302.8c/kg).