Beef Plan Movement receives Angus society backing

The Irish Angus Cattle Society has become the latest cattle breed organisation to give its backing to the Beef Plan Movement, according to the group.

This is the seventh breed society to support the Beef Plan Movement, according to spokesperson for the group Eamon Corley.

Speaking to AgriLand, Corley said: “The Angus breed society are now after coming in behind us and our plan, so that makes seven breed societies in total to have backed our plan.”

In terms of what the group has in store for the new year, the representative explained: “We’ve a whole series of meetings; we’re in the process of lining them out now for January.

We’re putting structures in place on a county-by-county basis so we hope to have county committees in place for every county in Ireland shortly. We’ve quite a few in place at the moment.

Corley also said that the movement intends to begin a town-by-town recruitment drive shortly to increase membership numbers to the target number of 40,000.

“We are about 15,000 at the moment; that’s where we’re at,” he added.

“We’ve a meeting in Ennis next Tuesday, and we’ve one in Donegal next Wednesday.”

The Clare Beef Plan meeting will take place in the Auburn Lodge Hotel, Ennis, next Tuesday, January 8, at 8:00pm, while the following day will see the Donegal Beef Plan meeting held in the Clanree Hotel, Letterkenny, kicking off at 8:00pm also.