As part of the Beef Focus Revisit series for the Christmas season, Agriland has taken a look back at some of the farmers involved in the Irish cattle business who featured in the Agriland Beef Focus series this year.

These farms feature farmers both young and old, who are are just a sample of the many vibrant, enthusiastic characters involved in various stages of cattle breeding and rearing that combines to form the Irish beef industry.

The five Beef Focus articles that will be appearing over the Christmas are as follows:

  • Beef Focus Revisit: Meath trial farm aims for ‘carbon-neutral’ beef;
  • Beef Focus Revisit: Zero grazing, bull beef and TB turmoil in Meath;
  • Beef Focus Revisit: Inside ‘state-of-the-art’ Longford cattle dealer’s yard;
  • Beef Focus Revisit: Galway sisters producing prime suckler progeny;
  • Beef Focus Revisit: Green Party duo’s beef and sheep farm.

2021 saw Agriland travel the length and breadth of the country to meet farmers and share their story on their way of farming and the systems they have in place.

Unfortunately, we could not include all of our 2021 Beef Focus articles in the series.

However, all the Beef Focus articles from this year are available by clicking here.

Some of the other notable visits not included in the series are:

2021, was a good year for beef farmers in the sense that a significant rise was experienced in beef prices but in unison with this, input costs have also drastically increased and spring 2022 will present many challenges for beef farmers.

Beef farmers across Ireland who enjoy the Agriland Beef Focus series and would like to feature in it can contact: [email protected].

And finally, myself Breifne O’Brien and all the team at Agriland would like to wish all our readers a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.