Australia to start sending live cattle to China

Australia will be sending live cattle exports to China, once vets from the two countries formalise agreements on animal health certification requirements.

This will be the seventh livestock slaughter cattle export market the Australian Minister for Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce, has opened since he became minister.

Australia already ships live cattle to Lebanon, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Cambodia and Thailand.

“Over the past five years we’ve had a significant trade in breeder cattle with China, primarily for dairy heifers.

“Now, I’m pleased to announce we are a step closer to the commencement in trade in live slaughter and feeder cattle to China.

“Getting the groundwork right for any new market can take time, and now the industry can prepare to begin this trade.

Joyce said he was pleased to sign the agreement of health conditions for trade of Australian feeder and slaughter cattle to China.

“Now it’s over to my counterpart, Minister Zhi Shuping, to sign on the dotted line and finalise the agreement between our two nations,” he said.

He said that market access is a major priority for the Australian government and that the government there has sent a clear message that Australia is open for business.

“It’s not just our cattle producers who are experiencing greater market access opportunities, with the announcement earlier this year of agreed health protocols for breeder deer to Malaysia, and breeder sheep and goats to the Philippines.

“The Australian Government has worked hard to make sure our livestock producers and exporters have every opportunity to trade with other nations,” he said.

Once the agreement is formalised, Joyce said, exporters will be able to begin working with importers in China to implement the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS) and establish supply chains that meet those requirements.