Aurivo ups its milk price for June supplies by 1.5c/L

The board of Aurivo recently decided to increase its base price for June milk by 1.5c/L following a recent meeting.

Suppliers of Aurivo will receive a price of 33.5c/L including VAT for manufacturing milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

Based throughout the west of Ireland, Aurivo announced an increase of 1c/L last month for May milk.

The processor decided to set its milk price at 31c/L including VAT for April; the board removed its early calving bonus of 1.4c/L, which was in place during February and March.

Up until February of this year, Aurivo milk suppliers enjoyed eight months of consecutive monthly milk price increases; the milk price for March supplies remained static.

Yesterday, both Arrabawn Co-op and Dairygold confirmed 1c/L increases for milk manufactured in June.

Suppliers of Arrabawn will receive a base price of 33.75c/L, including VAT. Meanwhile, Dairygold will offer a base milk price of 33.5c/L – including both VAT and a 0.5c/L quality bonus – for June milk.

Last week, Kerry joined Glanbia Ireland and Lakeland Dairies in announcing its decision to up its milk price to 33c/L, including VAT, for June milk.

This represented an increase of 1c/L from each of the processors, when compared with the milk price they offered in the previous month.

Prior to announcing milk price increases – of 1c/L – last month for milk manufactured in May, these processors had held their base price at 31c/L for three months in a row.

Meanwhile, Ornua also announced an increase in its Purchase Price Index (PPI) for the month of June, with a value of 110% given late last week.

The PPI rose from 106.8% for the month of May; a jump of 3.2 percentage points. This is the second consecutive price increase from April’s value of 105%.