Aurivo sets March milk price

The board of Aurivo co-op has today (Tuesday, April 17) decided to set a milk price of 33c/L including VAT for March manufacturing milk.

The March price is made up of a base price of 31.52c/L and early calving payment of 1.48c/L including VAT.

This is a decrease of 2.48c/L from the co-op’s February base milk price.

The average price paid to Aurivo suppliers in March will be 36.23c/L including VAT based on the average co-op solids, according to the processor.

Aurivo suppliers are enduring a very difficult spring with shortage of fodder, poor weather and slow grass growth.

In addition to other supports offered by the co-op – including below-cost rations and sourcing fodder – the Aurivo board has decided to continue to support the milk price paid to suppliers above actual market returns for the month of March.

Dairygold announces March price

Meanwhile, earlier today, Dairygold confirmed that it has reduced its milk price by 2c/L to 32c/L.

This is inclusive of 0.5c/L quality bonus and VAT, based on standard constituents of 3.3% protein and 3.6% butterfat.

According to the co-op, the milk price reduction is “regrettable” but unavoidable; as farm gate milk prices continue to be well ahead of market returns.

Since the final quarter of 2017, the global market is returning significantly less than the milk price paid to milk suppliers, a situation that has continued through 2018 to date, Dairygold added.

However, a special Weather/Fodder Relief Payment of 2c/L plus VAT, on all March milk supplied (including Fixed Price Milk Schemes), will be paid to its milk suppliers.
The payment will be included in the March monthly milk payment to be paid later this week.